Simple Contribution Guidelines for Programmers

Use this simple guidelines to onboard programmers in your company. Adjust to the needs and nuances of your project. If you already have contribution guidelines for programmers in your project, review it against this one. Perhaps, you find some interesting points lacking in yours.

The Future of Messenger/Chat Apps

With chatbot platforms, Facebook and Telegram actually introduced a new breed of applications — messenger apps or chatbots. Wechat is already changing the internet in China, leaving us with an opportunity to learn new skills a little before demand on chatbot programmers increases in United States and European markets.

How to Update User Password in Laravel 5

How to Update User Password in Laravel 5Modern web applications with user database very often require password update functionality. Laravel doesn't offer this functionality out of the box, therefore it shall be implemented on our own. This article unveils how to do that in, probably, the most accurate way.

Beginning Social Entrepreneurship Course

Beginning Social Entrepreneurship CourseFor the next 12 weeks, I am attending Social Entrepreneurship course led by Copenhagen Business School. I was always willing to know how to create social impact through building a business, therefore signed up for a program.

Removing All HTML Element Attributes at Once

Sometimes you are required to remove all attributes from HTML element. There is no native JavaScript method to achieve this. However, we can definitely do that with a single loop, iterating over HTML element attributes removing each on the way. Or extending jQuery's .removeAttr() function to do the job.

Custom Select Menu with Visual Keyboard Input

Custom Select Menu with Visual Keyboard InputToday I wish to unveil a custom select menu built using Google Closure Library. It is a UI component that leverages the power of computer keyboard to find necessary item inside a list quicker. Extremely useful when your users have to manage lots of data, updating relations by hand via kind of user interface. Keyboard input really helps to speed up the process.

Moving A Git Repository To A New Server

Originally posted on Smashing Magazine
Suppose your company decides to change its code-hosting provider or you wish to move your own Git repository to a different host. When I had to move a number of Git projects to a new host, it took me quite some time to find an accurate method. Having made many attempts, and a couple of fails, and carefully reading Git’s documentation, I found a solid and effective way.