Beginning Social Entrepreneurship Course

For the next 12 weeks, I am attending Social Entrepreneurship course led by Copenhagen Business School. I was always willing to know how to create social impact through building a business, therefore signed up for a program. Aleks Jakobsons, a friend and colleague of mine, recently introduced me to this opportunity.

Beginning Social Entrepreneurship Course at Copenhagen Business School

Frankly speaking, I don't have any experience in social entrepreneurship or, perhaps, just don't know what it really means. Often, we actively make use of something without perceiving its formal definition. Maybe that is my case.

After carefully grasping program details, I though it is a fair chance to gain new knowledge that directly crosses my current lean startup and entrepreneurship studies. And, hopefully, apply these know-hows to Classforus, a weekend startup venture I am working on since a year already. Worthwhile attending!

Guessing Social Entrepreneurship Definition

One of the home works this week was to outline our definition of Social Entrepreneurship.
At this moment, I understand or wish that Social Entrepreneurship is a cyclic activity to enrich our lives, where everyone involved gets significant benefits in health, passion and knowledge.

There are two bullet points in my definition:

Next week I am going to be able to see other students definitions. Hopefully, it helps me to polish mine even deeper understanding the topic. I try to share a couple of the ones I will be keen on. Keep tuned!

If you ever studied social entrepreneurship or actively run an enterprise with a mission to impact society in a good way, or you are my MOOC peer, I would be excited to see what is Social Entrepreneurship for you?

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